If you want to start a company that focuses on giving clients what they need then start a company that provides leaflets   It is not easy starting a company as you should already have a set of clients you would cater to so the operations of the company would run along smoothly.  If you don’t have a set of clients then you will find out that it is very difficult to start from not having any customers.  That means you should have a good marketing manager so your number of clients would increase each day of the week.  That is not an easy task because she should provide some good marketing strategies to be able to get ahead of the competition. 

There are a lot of leaflet printing companies and all of them would basically provide the same thing.  You must think of something that would set you apart from the rest of the competition.  Getting a celebrity endorser is not such a bad idea as long as the person knows what he is talking about.  You must hire a bunch of experts that are good in what they do.  If they are asking for a high salary then you must find out if they are worth it because there are too many people who are qualified for the position.  Of course, you must not forget to register your company with the government or you will get arrested for running an illegal operation.  That would be a big blow to your ego so you must not let that happen. 

If you want to provide leaflet printing UK to the public then you should also know the basic things about the business.  You may not want to get into this business if you are not familiar with what you are trying to provide to the public.  There is a chance your employees will fool you into giving them more shares of your income.

If you want to know how you can provide cheap leaflets then you must research about it because it is not that hard to find out.  This step is very important because most customers would canvass various leaflet providers until they see a company that gives them what they need.  If you have cheap prices then a lot of companies would come to you because they want to get the cheapest price available out there so they can save money.